Essential Elements

Essential Elements are those attributes that set us apart and make us unique.

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Our Vocations

Our goal is to make every experience around planning and insurance one that make you feel good about the decisions you make.

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Enlightened Continuity™

Enlightened Continuity focuses on the mindful development of collaborative family based goals.

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Managing Continuity for future generations

Our Vision is to lead a fundamental shift from Conscious Entrepreneurialism to Enlightened Continuity.

"Planning for the continuity of family wealth is a world unto itself and requires an approach which runs counter to the instincts of entrepreneurs. It is sometimes seen as an unwelcome, time consuming exercise that does not, in and of itself, make money or drive revenue. It is for these reasons that it can be seen as a distraction, filled with emotional risk and the fear of dealing with messes that have built up over time, or are inevitably waiting around the next or upcoming corner. There is a need to shift from this Conscious Entrepreneurialism to Enlightened Continuity. There is no business case for Enlightened Continuity, only a deep satisfaction in knowing that the right things were done at the right time that will deliver the right outcome."

Bernie Geiss

Conscious Entrepreneurialism is unaware of the negative peripheral impacts that can result from economic success. The side effects of Conscious Entrepreneurialism are often only noticed after the consequences manifest. There is a choice that every entrepreneur faces when the side effects become apparent. They can be ignored and put down to the inevitable consequence of achieving success, or they can spur learning and action that not only mitigates their impact but opens new opportunities for growth.

Enlightened Continuity is the result of an enlightened view that anticipates and appreciates economic success but does not see it as the overarching goal of the entrepreneurial endeavour. Enlightened Continuity focuses on spiritual, ethical and value based legacy building using economic success as an important pillar that supports the achievement of this goal.

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